Network Cabling

Cabling your business for optimal performance

The backbone of your connectivity

Our solutions are tailored to your current needs and adaptable enough to satisfy your future growth.

  • Future-proof designs to save you time and money
  • CommScope products keep your network American-made, giving you end-to-end control
  • Reduce sluggish network responses
  • Increase your business productivity

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic cables send light waves down optical fibers to transmit data. Some benefits include:

  • Increased work response times
  • Clear voice quality when using VoIP phones
  • Faster cloud transfers
  • Increased business productivity

Copper Cabling

Cat cables are the most widely used cables for transferring data. Upfront costs are low and here at Enterprise Technology, we only use premium cables so that you get the absolute best the industry has to offer.


CommScope is a company that is highly specialized in infrastructure solutions for communication networks. Our technicians endure their rigorous online training to become masters of the trade. Use CommScope products beginning to end and you’ll be gain a 25 year warranty on your network once certified.